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Caj Anggota Tiruan

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  Caj sehari bagi seorang
Prosthesis for above knee amputee with foot without shoes RM 550
Prosthsis for above knee amputee with peg leg RM 400
Pylon for above knee amputee RM 150
Symes prosthesis for foot amputee RM 300
Prosthesis for through knee amputee with blocked corset complete with foot RM 450
Prosthesis for below knee amputee complete with soft thigh corset and foot RM 400
Prosthesis for through knee amputee with blocked thigh corset and peg leg RM 350
Chelsea peg leg RM 100
Chelsea peg leg with thigh corset RM 150
Rocker peg leg RM 300
Symes leg prosthesis RM 350
Canadian tilting table for hind quarter amputee RM 650
Prosthesis for through knee with kneeling peg leg with foot RM 600
Arm prosthesis for above elbow amputee with cosmetic bad (wood) RM 300
Arm Prosthesis for below albow amputee complete with adjustable cosmetic hand and split hook RM 500
Arm prosthesis for shoulder amputee complete with cosmetic hand RM 300
Wrist amputee prosthesis with hand assembly RM 300
Cane adjustable crutches (a pair) RM 20
Adjustable auxiliary crutch (air leg) - metal ( a pair) RM 60
Foot arch support (leather) 1 pc. and cork RM 30
Below knee single iron brace with T strap RM 50
Below knee double iron brace with T strap and foot drop check RM 60
Taylors spinal brace RM 200
Milwaukee spinal brace RM 500
Knights spinals brace RM 200
Cervical collar (Plastazote) RM 20
Cervical collar (Polythene) RM 45
Adjustable cervical collar (polythene) RM 65
Coiled spring foot drop check RM 15
Sacroiliac surgical brace RM 60
Insole support (leather) 1 pc. RM 30
Insole support (plastazote) 1pc. RM 15
Knee cage RM 75
Elbow cruthes (metal) 1pair RM 60
Modified lumbosacral brace RM 60
Surgical boots RM 100
O'Conners boot block only 1 pc. RM 50
Patella tendon bearing brace RM 100
Polythene knee ankle foot orthosis RM 150
Ring topped long leg brace with knee joints RM 250
Ring topped long leg brace without knee joints RM 75
Shoe raise and alterations to heal and sole RM 20
Special surgical boots RM 150
Cock up splint RM 30
Cock up splint with finger extension mechanism RM 60
Von Rossen splint RM 100
Dennis Brown splint RM 100
Torticollis splint (corrective) RM 150
Bow leg splint RM 150
T strap RM 5
T strap and round heel socket RM 20
Round heel socket RM 15
Knee joint RM 50
Pelvic band with joint and belt RM 50
Pelvic band and belt for calipers RM 20
Slip socket for below knee stump RM 60
SACH foot RM 150
Stump socks (1 pair) RM 36
Bucket socket change for above or below knee RM 150